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Childcare advice: How summer camps in Cypress, Texas meet the developmental needs of children

Posted on 05-26-2014 | Joe Hutson

childcare_cypress_tx.jpgAs a parent, you want your child to grow into a healthy, well-balanced adolescent and adult. Summer camps led by childcare specialists focus on achieving these goals through activities that emphasize teamwork, healthy social interaction, problem solving and play.

To prepare your child for their summer camp experience, you might want to spend a day at Gymboree Play & Music. This is an excellent way to introduce him or her to some of the activities they will participate in at camp while building their confidence and helping them express their natural creativity. With over 30 years of experience in teaching children, Gymboree is the ideal place for your children to enjoy activities that are an excellent prelude to summer camp.

Children's developmental needs and how summer camp can help meet them:

  • Structure and limitations: Children need to learn that no matter where they go, there are rules and limitations to be observed. Summer camp provides children with an understanding of the importance of these structures in a safe and secure environment.

  • Self-definition: The wide variety of activities at summer camp allows children to express their needs for self-definition and discovery. The camp environment is designed to give every child an opportunity to fill different leadership and team roles, and help ignite new interests and abilities outside of a traditional academic space.

  • Self-expression: Children need to learn how and when to express themselves according to different situations. Camp allows them to do this in a supervised environment where healthy social interaction, creativity and competition are encouraged.

  • Social interactions: In order for your child to have a healthy perspective on the world, they need to experience plenty of positive social interaction. Our summer camp program supports building friendships based on respect, values and acceptance of others.

  • Physical activity. Children need physical activity in order to develop motor skills and refine sports talent. When children are in a camp environment, they are free to discover themselves and gain an appreciation for their surroundings. They also learn to appreciate the benefits of physical fitness and overall health.

  • Competence. Children need to learn about trust, and responsibilities and decisions. Activities that require leadership and teamwork help to develop these skills and abilities.

  • Participation. Children need to learn the importance of teamwork and that each contribution is valued. This is achieved through physical and creative group challenges like putting on a play or completing an obstacle course.

A summer camp environment is uniquely designed to foster developmental needs through stimulating fun and age-specific activities, which can supplement what children learn at school and home.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Cypress, Texas, our goal is to maximize a child's developmental growth though a fun and diverse set of activities. At camp, these activities include exploring nature, experiencing fun indoor and outdoor learning activities, and being physically active. By supporting the individual needs of children in a loving and nurturing environment, we can help them develop a greater appreciation for nature, build positive memories and develop exciting new skills.

If you would like to find out more about our summer camp or would like to enroll your child, please contact us today.

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