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Cypress infant child care: Healthy, brain boosting foods for your child

Posted on 06-23-2014


Your infant eating solid foods for the first time is an exciting milestone! Now, your child is not just relying on breastfeeding or formula to receive all the essential nutrients. So what solid foods will give your child the best and healthiest start?

  • Iron fortified cereal: Child care specialists recommend that your child starts taking in iron in order to supplement brain development at around five to six months of age. This nutrient plays an important role in ensuring that your infant’s system gets plenty of oxygen and helps prevent anemia.
  • Strawberries and blueberries: These foods are full of antioxidants that protect the brain from wear and tear. Mashed berries in some Greek yogurt will make a tasty brain-boosting treat.
  • Eggs: Eggs and egg yolks especially, are rich in choline, a nutrient essential for brain growth and for the development of healthy memory function. It is also present in tofu, beans, broccoli and cauliflower. You can serve a warm scrambled egg for breakfast or steamed, mashed vegetables for lunch or dinner.
  • Greek yogurt, lean beef and spinach: These foods are rich in protein, the building blocks for your child’s brain and body. A yogurt snack, pureed beef or vegetables will give your infant plenty of protein for a healthy, growing body.
  • Whole-grain pasta/rice: Whole-grains are complex carbohydrates that help stabilize your child’s energy levels and fuel the brain. Soft, cooked pasta and rice make the perfect base for your child’s lunch or dinner.

If you are looking for a great source of fresh, local produce, visit The Farmers Market at Bridgeland. With everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers, honey, cheese and bread, you will find everything you need for your family’s needs.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Cypress, we offer an innovative early development infant program for children from the age of six weeks and up. We encourage children to explore through supervised hands-on, sensory play. Our classrooms are fully childproofed and offer your infant bright colors, music, story time, and playtime with peers.

For more information on our program or state-of-the-art facility, contact us today.

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