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How to Stop Back Talking Without "Because I Said So"

Posted on 03-10-2016


Is your child’s back talking becoming a problem? Are you tired of hearing “No! You do it!” from your toddler or preschooler? There may be something you can do to help curb those annoying, whiny, temper tantrums.

Instead of responding by saying “You’ll do it because I said so” or “Don’t ever talk to me like that!” there are other ways to help your child learn to disagree with you respectfully. The best way to stop back talk is to provide your child with some independence – but within your own limits. Kids of all ages need a sense of personal power to make their own choices and express their differences in opinions with parents. When parents make all the decisions for them, children naturally want to lash out, and so they do — with words and sometimes, physical aggression.

So how can parents teach their children to disagree respectfully? Read the full article here: How to Stop Back Talking Without "Because I Said So"

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