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Using a tablet has the potential to boost your Cypress preschooler’s literacy and number skills

Posted on 08-25-2014


Tablets are fast becoming one of the best ways to improve literacy and number skills in preschoolers. You can supplement your child’s preschool education with a number of excellent apps that have been developed specifically for preschool age children. Below are some of the benefits to your preschooler when using a tablet to learn:

Tablets make learning fun and exciting

Tablets have stunning visuals, fascinating sounds and interactivity that appeal to three of the five senses - touch, sight and sound. This makes learning using one of these devices a lot more appealing than reading a book or learning from a video.

Thousands of apps are available

Today there are literally thousands of educational apps, many of them focused on building and improving number, math and literacy skills. These apps are usually inexpensive or even free and because of the sheer volume available, you will find several that your child will enjoy. Be sure to choose age and developmentally appropriate apps.

Learn on the go

Educational apps on a tablet make any long trip more enjoyable for your child. He or she will be engaged and learning, giving you time to focus on your travel arrangements and logistics.

Other benefits

Some studies have shown that the use of tablets in preschool offers significant gains in language and communication skills. There are also studies that show that children who use tablets and computers at home have better reading and math skills. Apps can help your child learn the alphabet, how to read and how to spell. They can also help build fine motor skills and encourage imagination.

Our AdvancED accredited program offering the Fast Track Curriculum™ at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Cypress provides your child with the highest quality education. For more information, contact us today.

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